Restore Your Property After Water Damage

We provide water damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO

No matter how the water gets in, water damage can happen anywhere. Make sure your space is cleaned up quickly with help from 20/20 Restoration.

Upholstery, carpeting, drywall and wood are all prone to absorbing water. If the water stays too long, you run the risk of permanent damage to your belongings and structural damage to your home or office. Our crew can provide the water damage restoration you need to minimize the problem.

For water damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO, look no further than 20/20 Restoration. Connect with us now to schedule a service at your property.

What can cause water damage?

What can cause water damage?

A lot of problems can lead to a need for water damage restoration. Our crew can help if:

  • Your pipes burst
  • Your roof leaks after a storm
  • Your washing machine malfunctions

We can stop the source of the water, pump it out of the building, dry out the area and treat the space with mold preventatives. Contact us now to set up a date and time for water damage restoration services.